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Report from the 26th Baltic Sea Ice Meeting 2016

Since Anna Geidne (SMHI) has left her occupation at SMHI, the chair was taken over by Emma Grönkvist (SMHI) early 2016.

The BSIM is a cooperation between the national ice services around Baltic Sea, Norway and the Netherlands.

SMHI arranged the 26th BSIM in Norrköping, Sweden 19-21 September, followed by an ice analyst work shop 21-22 September.

Totally 20 persons attended the meeting and workshop, with participants from the Ice services in Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Germany and Denmark. Also people from the ice breaking units in Sweden and Finland were participating.

Monday 19 September

The first day started after lunch with a report from BSIM Chair and then national reports from the participating countries. We all concluded that the last 2 years had been mild winters in the Baltic region.

Jürgen Holfort, BSH, reported about the activities on the BSIM webpage.

The day ended with an Icebreaker reception in central Norrköping.

Tuesday 20 September

In the morning we discussed different questions regarding WMO Sea ice nomenclature and how to use the different symbols in ice charting in the Baltic region, lead by Jouni Vainio, FMI.

Antti Kangas, FMI, lead a discussion about the future and plans for the Baltic Sea Ice Code (BSIC). The meeting decided to continue with the present database to keep the record intact.

Jürgen Holfort, BSH, had a presentation about ice charts from numerical output and ice drift in operational products.

After lunch the meeting continued with a visit to the SMHI weather and ice service production area. Then there was a presentation of the Ice/SST modelling in the new NEMONordic model.

Amund Lindberg, SMA, had a presentation about how the Swedish ice breaking unit is using the forecast products delivered by SMHI.

The day was ended by a guided city tour and a dinner in central Norrköping.

Wednesday 21 September

The day started with a discussion about future possibilities for BSIM and the action points from last meeting were reviewed and updated.

Latvia, was elected as the new Chair land and this was gratefully accepted by the Latvian delegate Andrejs Zubanics. This means that the next BSIM will be held in Latvia 2018.

Then the official meeting closed just before lunch.